5 Rules To Follow When It Comes To Skin Care

Jen Haskins

Taking care of our skin may be one that most of us neglect to do. However, this does not mean we can not change that and still be neglectful. All we have to do is to be reminded of what are few rules to follow. Once we know what they are, we can proceed with doing a skincare routine that we can perform on a daily basis.

Here are five rules to follow when it comes to skin care:

  1. Each skin type has its specific care.

Oily skin has different needs compared to dry skin. With this, you should take note of your skin type. Then, go for skin care products that suit perfectly for you. Why? You do not want to make use of products that will have no effect or hurt your skin. You should be aware of this before you proceed with shopping for skin care products.

  1. Fragile areas do need special attention.

Few parts of our face are classified as fragile such as the lips and eye contour, etc. These areas need to have special attention, and more care is needed. Why? It is because these areas of our face are quite sensitive.

  1. Sun protection.

The sun has not been friendly compared to decades ago. The longer you expose yourself to the rays of the sun, the riskier you are to skin problems, and even to skin cancer. Make use of products that do have solar filters in them, and has an SPF 15 or even higher. This will lessen the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. Do take note of that.

  1. Lessen your exposure to external stress.

Do you know that external stress has harmful effects on our skin? Yes, you do read it right. What are these? Well, it includes smoke, pollution and of course stress. What you can do is to make use of products that will protect yourself from daily stresses right before you leave your home. Also, when you do come home, do make it a habit to cleanse your face.

  1. Care for your lips.

Do make use of restorative cream and apply it to your lips when you feel that you do need to do so. Be sure you do this as often as you can. Do not show any hesitation at all. Remember, your lips are one fragile area. So, it does not special attention and care.

There you have it five rules to follow when it comes to skin care. As you can see, each of the rules is easy to understand and to follow. It all boils down to you, being consistent and have a daily routine of which you will be able to follow the rules enumerated above.

It is you, your skin, your overall being that is going to be benefited here when you are attentive to the needs of your skin. Also, you are the one who is going to suffer if you are going to neglect your skin. As the saying goes, prevention is much better than cure, and so it is. Even though you might feel that it is going to each a portion of your time on a daily basis, but the overall effect towards your health is way much bigger.

You may not be able to see the effect now or in the next few days or weeks. But you will be able to see a huge difference in the next few months and even years. Be sure you do take care of your skin.

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Jen Haskins


Jen Haskins is a skin care buff who enjoys reviewing products, picking apart theories, and finding the next DIY Skin Care Hacks she can make in her kitchen.

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