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Thanks for visiting Skin Care International, a website tracking the latest trends in the global skin care and anti aging product market!

We tend to track all skin care products, procedures, and treatments so that you can know what’s working in the wide world of looking younger.

There are many options you have when you choose a product or procedure. We’re simply here to get rid of some of the confusion that comes with this process.

Our editorial staff is made up of four women and one man (hey we needed a tech guy!) who are all in love with the way they look as well as have the desire to remain looking young for the rest of their lives.

Please follow along and be sure to comment on your thoughts whenever pertinent.

Thanks for your readership!

Amy, Lisa, Rudy, Megan, and Dave

-The Editorial Team


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Jen Haskins


Jen Haskins is a skin care buff who enjoys reviewing products, picking apart theories, and finding the next DIY Skin Care Hacks she can make in her kitchen.