Can a Chiropractor Visit Help Your Skin?

Jen Haskins

While you might think of a visit to a chiropractor as a way to get the kinks out of your back and your neck so that you walk taller, straighter, and with more ease, the benefits to your body extend far beyond that.

While the manipulation has to do with your spine, this opens up pathways that extend beyond just vertebrae and all over the rest of the body – even your skin!

How Does a Chiropractor Help Your Skin?

When you get your spine adjusted at a chiropractor, it takes all of the tension out from between the vertebrae. Connected to your spinal column are thousands of nerves which run from your brain and all throughout the rest of your body. These nerves are responsible for transmitting messages to your body.

Also connected to the spinal column are thousands of veins and arteries that transport blood, oxygen, and nutrients where needed to keep your body in proper function. how can a chiropractor help your skin?Having open pathways of these nerves and veins are crucial for a healthy body, most importantly for your vital organs – and there is no bigger organ than your skin!

When you visit a chiropractor to get an adjustment, all of these nerves, veins, and other transports are opened up, ensuring the proper flow of information and nourishment from your brain, nervous system, and circulatory system. The result is more blood flow, more oxygen, and more nutrition all over the body.

One area of the spine where this is especially the case is in the upper spine. This is where the spinal column meets the skull and is also where thousands of nerves are connected to the brain. Relieving the tension in this area of the spine not only eliminates pain in the neck and shoulders, but also provides a crucial flow of messages, blood, and oxygen all over.

I did not think of these benefits at first, but shortly after I went to a Spartanburg chiropractor recently (which is something I seldom do but had some pain in my neck that was bugging me), I noticed that the dry skin and discoloration under my eyes that had been bothering me lately had begun to subside. I hadn’t started with any new skin care products in the meantime, nor changed my diet, and thought that perhaps my chiro visit had something to do with it.

Upon my next visit to the chiropractor, I asked him if that was the case. He acknowledged my skin looking better, and confirmed my suspicion that my spinal adjustment may be playing a part in my better complexion. It’s not something that I had initially thought of – nor was it the reason for my visit – but I’m happy with this fringe benefit!

I had such a great experience at my recent visits and am loving how my skin looks (not to mention the relief from my neck pain) that I think I will start regularly scheduling appointments! I highly suggest working it in as part of your skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but every now and then will surely help.

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Jen Haskins


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