What are the Best Testosterone Boosters for Men Over 30?

Jen Haskins

Testosterone, as we all know happens to be one of the most powerful hormones. It has the ability to control your sex drive and regulate your sperm production. Make sure to have the optimal amount of testosterone if you’re ready to get down and dirty, or make some kids. Along with helping you out in the bedroom, it also does increase your chances of getting a hot woman to accompany you home. Testosterone happens to be the one hormone you need in order to increase muscle mass. You want those triceps and biceps to stand out, so you need to increase your intake. In order to increase energy to promote muscle building, testosterone is highly beneficial. It also has a great deal of influence on your behavior such as aggression and even competitiveness.

Did you know that having testosterone can lead to healthier skin?

Testosterone is also a part of the aging process, as varying levels of the hormone increase and decrease throughout a man’s life span. They are highest in adolescence and during puberty. This is when changes in a man’s voice and appearance are most prominent. As the shoulders broaden, the growth spurt kicks in along with your height and the facial structure starts becoming more masculine. Sadly, testosterone levels decrease as men go on aging. They lessen one percent per year after a man hits his thirties. The average levels of testosterone that would be considered normal are 315 to 1000 ng/dL1, with an average of 627 ng/dL2. This, of course applies to men who are non-obese and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Why Testosterone Levels are Important

Your testosterone levels should be optimal in order to regulate energy, strength and even motivation. It might even be frustrating if there is a decrease in testosterone levels as it minimizes physical and mental drive. Since it is popularly known as the “fountain of youth” hormone, many men want to make sure that they have the optimal levels of it present. It might be directly linked to symptoms of aging, but it decreases with age. The optimal levels for men over 30 are as follows. For men in their 30’s, typically 720 ng/dL has been proven to be the optimal level. For the following ages, these levels have been found to be the most optimum:

  • 667 ng/dL in their 40’s
  • 606 ng/dL in their 50’s
  • 562 ng/dL in their 60’s
  • 523 ng/dL in their 70’s

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Your testosterone levels need to be the highest they can be, and this only happens when you are a healthy individual. Low levels of testosterone can cause many negatives in parts of your life. In terms of sexual function, low levels of testosterone lead to a reduction in sexual desire or pleasure. Men experience very few erections and even experience erectile dysfunction. This can also lead to upsetting situations such as being infertile. In order to catch on to decreasing levels of testosterone, men may experience changes in seeping patterns. They may go through emotional changes such as feelings of insecurity, depression and lack of drive. There are physical changes such as an increase in body fat, or the reduction of muscles and strength. It is important to catch onto these signs early on in order to prevent further loss.


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