Does Vaping Cause Acne

Jen Haskins

The effects of smoking and nicotine on the skin have been documented for the last few decades.  Vaping has grown as a popular alternative to smoking that cuts some of the health risk factors.  When it comes to the skin, the effects of vaping are still out to jury.  The bottom line is that smoking is known to cause acne, so trying to quit through vaping is already a step in the right direction.  This article will look at whether vaping causes acne as well.

First, a few parameters.  The effects of nicotine are well established and known.  Vaping delivers nicotine into your system without the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.  This article will thusly focus on smokers who choose to quit using vaping compared to a nonsmoker or vaper just picking it up because it’s the trendy thing to do.  Your skin is your own, different things are going to affect it differently.  Therefore, this article will look at generals compared to specifics.

A brief recap, if you are unaware of the effects of cigarettes, is that cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals.  When you burn and inhale them somethings like formaldehyde and arsenic react dreadfully with your skin.  Your skin will try to get rid of these toxins in the form of yellowing skin, pimples and cysts.  Remember, your skin is like a protective layer trying to keep the bad stuff out, smoke around the face and mouth will cause acne to fight off the poisons.

If you are or were a smoker, this is probably old news.  To that end, you may have already tried various forms of quitting or started vaping to at least help with the acne.  When switching to vaping you probably noticed a significant reduction on your acne breakouts.  Again, this does not apply to everyone, if you are more prone to acne or have oily skin, then smoking and vaping may aggravate it.  Studies have shown that on a whole, vaping causes less acne than smoking.

Will your acne go away completely? Over time, maybe.  If you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, the effects may take a while, but as the toxins leach out, you will notice healthier skin.  Vaping clouds are general composed of water vapers mixed with non-toxic glycine type chemicals.  You are still exposing your skin to external elements, so there is always potential risk of acne.  General studies show that there is about a 90% reduction between cigarette smoke and vape clouds.

Overall, vaping has been demonstrated to reduce the effects of acne in most studies.  While they demonstrate positive results, it doesn’t affect everyone.  The best bet would be to try it out for yourself.  If you are considering quitting smoking and tired of the acne, this could be a simple alternative to improve your skin quality.  It may take a few months to clear your acne away, but vaping is a great alternative to healing your acne caused by smoking.

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