Where to Get Botox in Las Vegas

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Are you stressed because of forehead lines and wrinkles on your face? It’s about time you rid of that stress and have these wretched wrinkles go away. A quick trip to the nearest med spa in Las Vegas for Botox Injections will completely rid of those wrinkles within the next 3-6 months. In Las Vegas, a lot of people believe that Botox Injections are expensive. Contrary to popular belief, getting botox in Las Vegas is not as expensive as you think. The average price for a unit in Las Vegas starts at $12 with many of the places requiring you to buy at least 50 units in a single time.

Get Botox in Las Vegas


There are even many deals available in Las Vegas throughout the year from various med spa websites in Las Vegas. The best and cost effective way of getting Botox in this area is to find a special deal with your preferred med spa and go for it. Even if someone recommends you going to a specific med spa for a Botox injection, make sure you complete your research before visiting. Get a consultation beforehand and then see where to go next from there. If you don’t know any places in Las Vegas, here are a few to begin with.

Best Places for Botox in Las Vegas

Our top pick is Botox by Francesca.  Offering a wide variety of services like the liquid face lift, botox, and PRP, she’s an industry expert and renowned in Las Vegas.

Here is her address:

Francescas Facelift
11201 S. Eastern Ave Suite 115,
Henderson, NV, 89052

(702) 324-3849

(Just trust us on this one.)

Beautiful Laser Lounge & Anti-Aging

This spa is on S. Rainbow Blvd, Suite 280, Las Vegas. This is a full service med spa that also serves as a wellness center. There are many kinds of inject-ables available including Botox injections. Laser treatments are also offered in this spa with other treatments including derma planning, chemical peels and bioidentical hormone replacement. Whatever way you choose to get rid of your wrinkles, the Beautiful Laser Lounge and Anti-Aging has a solution for you. There are also financing options available with the clinic. Set up a consultation with the clinic and find out your options with them.

Just Face It MedSpa

Another great med spa to head over for all your wrinkles problems is the Just Face it Med Spa in W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas. The clinic is run by one of the best skin care experts in Las Vegas and includes services like collagen induction therapy, dermal fillers, laser lipo and Botox injections. Just Face it will give you a unit for $12 and will require you to get 10 units or more when you come back for a revisit.


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