Microblading in Las Vegas

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Most of us dream of well endowed brows that complement our eyes and overall look. But these days dark and beautiful brows have become like a distant dream for many women around the world. Unfortunately, not every woman is born with well endowed brows. And those who have good brows start to lose them when they hit 30 years of age.

As someone who frequents Las Vegas, Nevada, quite often for anti aging treatments, (I recently talked about my Botox) I am back with yet another recommendation on where you can get microblading.

What is Microblading?

As a result most women are forced to use heavy cosmetics on their brows to keep them looking young and beautiful. This however is a tough job and requires constant commitment. You’ll have to wake up every morning and spend at least an hour working on your brows every day.

What if we told you that there is a way you can get your dream eye brows without the need to put makeup on them every morning. What if you would get semi-permanent hair on your brows that make them look like the ones celebrities have?

Las Vegas Microblading

If you were reading this a couple of years ago, you would be not so curious on learning about it anymore because you know a couple of years ago something like this was just another gimmick to make you buy a product. But thanks to modern science and technology, something known as microblading is capable of giving you the brows of your dreams.

Microblading in Las Vegas is a new procedure in which a makeup artist creates a semi-permanent tattoo on your brows and enters a special pigment that grows hair to make them look perfect again. This pain free method is performed by makeup artists all over the country and works like a charm.

From the sound of it, microblading might sound like a very painful procedure because if you haven’t heard about it already, the makeup artist uses a small blade to make cuts on your brows. As scary as this sound, the cuts are so small in nature that it rarely feels like anything is happening to your brows. The process is done without any anesthesia or special drugs and requires an hour to complete.

It is a safe process where the artist creates a few cuts and then adds in a special pigment that makes the brows look fuller and beautiful. This semi-permanent tattoo stays on your brows for about three years before you’ll need to revisit the artist again. But you’ll get the brows of your dream without much effort put in.

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