Vagina Tightening 101

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Isn’t it great when you get married and start getting to know your partner? The first few years of marriage are pure bliss and you get to do all sorts of fun activities. You also have a gratifying and regular sex life which makes married life super fun and easy. There are no kids to worry about and real life doesn’t get in the way. However, after a few years, you tend to notice that activities you enjoyed together become less fun and this is because your sex life starts to become less enjoyable. This is because your vagina starts to become looser and you don’t find sex as pleasurable.

Ways to Tighten Your Vagina

Luckily there are many techniques to use which can result in tightening your vagina. We are going to give you the best and most reliable techniques in this article. The first thing you can try is a quick fix: it’s vaginal tightening cream. This is a lubricant and also serves to tighten your pelvic muscles. However, keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution. There are other more permanent ways to tighten your vagina. In this case, all you have to do is smear some jelly on your fingers and apply it in and around your vagina. You will feel immediate tightening and this will show that the cream is working.

Vaginal Tightener

Another, more permanent method is to perform squats. While this basic and simple exercise is usually reserved for toning up loose or saggy buttocks, you can also use it to firm up your vaginal and pelvic muscles. All you have to do is stand with your feet apart at hip width, spread your arms out straight and remember not to bend your legs. Then, you should bend into a sitting position, as if you want to sit on a bench. Be careful not to pop your knees out too far since this can result in clenching. Just repeat this position many times and you will find that your pelvic wall starts getting tighter.

One more method to try is pelvic exercises. These are simple exercises and all you need is a chair and a towel. Make sure the chair is sturdy because you will need to stand up on it and perform some exercises. Stand with one leg on the chair and a towel around your neck in case of sweating. Then gradually stand and bend down, then stand upright again. This simple exercise is very effective at giving you a stronger pelvic wall and you will not regret investing your time doing this.

Lastly, there are products that aim to do this.  We spoke about one previously on this page.

Once you have mastered the art of tightening your vagina you will be much happier and your sex life will start to improve drastically. But just make sure you are focusing on your diet because if you don’t improve that, no exercises will work! Temporary fixes are good for short term solutions but what you need is a longer term approach. Which is why you should use this guide and work out your pelvic muscles regularly.

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