What Should You Consider Before Rhinoplasty

Jen Haskins

Rhinoplasty or nose job surgeries are performed quite often. We see celebrities transform in front of our very eyes. Renowned celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, the late Michael Jackson, Heidi Montag all have had rhinoplasty surgeries done.

Weighing Your Options Before Surgery

While rhinoplasty surgeries are common, even one such surgery requires a lot of effort, patience and care. Undergoing one rhinoplasty surgery is not simple and therefore, if you are someone who is looking to get a rhinoplasty surgery done, it is important to take a few considerations into account.

  • There are risks: All risks of rhinoplasty surgery are not commonly talked about by people or surgeons. Therefore, you must make sure that you ask your consultant about all the things involved in a rhinoplasty surgery. Ask him about your concerns and any other question that comes to mind openly.
  • Keep Realistic Expectations: A common feeling people who get a nose job share after surgery is disappointment with results. If you are getting a nose job and have thought about getting your nose changed, make sure that what you think is surgically possible too. If you are longing to have a nose like Angelina Jolie, the surgeon will not be able to magically transform your nose. Rhinoplasty surgeries deal with realistic changes that can be made to a person’s nose to bring changes that are in line with his facial features.
  • Rates: The cost of a rhinoplasty surgery will depend on many factors including the surgeon you are going for, the hospital you will be admitted in and the kind of procedure that will be performed on you. There are three common types of rhinoplasty surgery including closed approach, open approach and non-surgical approach. The cost of the open approach is comparatively higher than the cost of the closed approach as the former involves major changes and is a complex process compared to the latter. On the other hand, the rates of the surgery also depend on the level of the surgeon you will perform the surgery. A surgeon who has performed various nose jobs in the past and has a high track record will charge more than someone who does not really have a previous track record.

Along with these, you should also think about the post op care as after a nose job, you will be advised bed rest for a couple of weeks, experience swelling, bruising and in some cases, some other major side effects.

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